How to take a screenshot on Windows

There are 3 ways:

1. "Print Screen" button
2. "Windows" + "Shift" + "S" buttons (you can immediately select the desired area for the screenshot)
3. If you want to take a screenshot of only the active window (program), press “Alt” + “Print Screen” on your computer at the same time; "Alt"+ "Print Screen" + "Fn" - on a laptop.


First method: "Print Screen" button.

On a computer: Press the "Print Screen" key.

On a laptop: Press the "Fn" and "Print Screen" keys simultaneously. Any keyboard has a special key for taking screenshots - “Print Screen”. Sometimes it is signed differently - for example, "PrntScrn", "PrtScn", "PrtScr" or "PrtSc" ;-). It can also be combined with some other one, for example, “Insert”. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard, and you can use it - paste it into programs, paint, etc.


Second method: "Windows" + "Shift" + "S" buttons

Press the "Windows" + "Shift" + "S" keys simultaneously.

The program will start and a cross will appear instead of the mouse cursor. While holding down the left mouse button, select the desired portion of the screen:

The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard.

Visually, nothing will change, but the computer will “remember” the screenshot - that is, it will save it to the so-called clipboard.


To view a screenshot, you need to place it somewhere: in social page, e-mail, a graphic editor - for example, paint, etc. To do this, press the Ctrl+V keys simultaneously in the place where you will place the screenshot.

How can I paste it into a document or something?
Hold down Ctrl and press V and Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in the clipboard) into a document or image you are currently editing.
Where should I paste it? I just need a (graphics) file.

    Start “Paint”

You can edit your screenshot in our online image editor and save it in any format you need.

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